“Parables & Parallels” Book


pnp-bookYour faith is far more wondrous than you may realize…

Many in modern society consider Christianity irrelevant. Supposedly tired, outdated ideas and commands are replaced with progressive and seemingly enlightened new concepts. Even some Christians are unsure of how the truths of the Bible relate to today’s times. But Parables & Parallels does not affirm God’s truths inside of Scripture alone. Instead, this book presents a Christianity that resonates with all areas of reality. It explores its powerful and profound connection with every facet of society, including science, medicine and law. How? By using the power of the parable.

Throughout the book, readers will discover:

Parables and stories from scripture that offer fresh revelations relevant for our immediate moment.
Greater biblical truths through insight and application.
Key scriptures that come to life with new vitality and offer novel solutions for society’s most current and puzzling challenges.

Parables & Parallels not only uncovers new depths to God’s words – both spoken and unspoken – but also reveals how these words continue to inspire a faith teeming with life, power and immediate purpose.

It’s time to come face to face with a relevant – and completely resonant – Christianity.



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