“Mission” Book


mission-bookAs you read this back book jacket, I’d like to pose a question:

Why, with all the Christians in America, have we not made more of an impact on this modern American culture?

In the book of Acts, when the governmental leaders spoke of the early disciples, they referred to these men and women as the ones, “turning the world upside down.” Can we make the same declaration today? If the Bible is true, then we serve the most potent Force in the universe, the epitome and Creator of love… and humanity. So why hasn’t that impact reached every facet of this society? In fact, we could say that in many areas of culture, both geographically and sociologically, Christianity has lost considerable ground.

We tend to think that the problem is external. Our slow decline in culture is the fault of things like our Christian-resistant media, modernist progressive ideologies, the radical left wing or our secular academic institutions. While blame shifting abounds, what if it’s not an external problem? What if we need to look inside and not out? Mission hypothesizes that while we follow God out of love and reverence for all He has done for us, we don’t often see the macro picture of what God is attempting to accomplish on the earth. We don’t connect the dots of our faith.

In this book, you will be shown a Mission of immense purpose and wonder. A Mission that both God and the world desperately long to see realized. But, even as believers, it’s not our Mission, at least, not until we start becoming more like Christ. And that revelation changes everything…

Mission Book now Available on Amazon



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