Are You a REThinker?


Welcome to the REThinker Blog. This blog is devoted to thought-provoking, non-confrontational posts about faith, scripture, culture and what we call, “strategic Christianity.” For centuries, Christians have been theologically astute, but not strategic. By “strategic,” I don’t mean that we need to figure out how to infiltrate all the “Seven Mountains of Culture” with Christian leaders. Instead, strategic Christianity recognizes that the Bible, and specifically the Worldview tenets of our faith, are able to not only peer into the troubles and issues of our day… but also offer real solutions.  Solutions that the world systems cannot provide, let alone discover.

Because the world, in its reductionist, secular ideological mindset, cannot connect the dots of existence or humanity. If there is no Creator, and no inherent pattern to the universe, then there can be no overarching plan for humanity, nor any strategies against mankind. Therefore issues like addiction, disease, obesity, divorce, etc. a merely part and parcel with the nature of being human. But the Bible allows us to see deeper than that… to discover strategies for and against you and I. At RETthinker, we will probably discuss things you haven’t thought much about before. Our articles don’t normally resound with the language spoken from most pulpits. This is because Christianity has been considered morally, evangelistically and apologetically… but rarely strategically.

We aim to turn that tide, to uncover issues and address concerns that not only affect Christians, but also the world at large. You’ll hear a lot of different ideas and concepts on this site, but you will never hear us make our stands morally. We go beyond the moral argument. Like the Biblical David in Psalms 119, we seek to understand the reasons behind God’s declarations and the tenets of our faith.

So, if this resonates with you, we encourage you to read these articles, post questions, and pick up our publications. Below is a description of the character build-up of a REThinker. We hope that you embody these traits as well:



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