On Mission: Relationship Momentum

A Person on Mission furthers Relationship Momentum for the sake of the Kingdom:

Mission Book LinkA number of years ago, I put up the following facebook post:

“Today you may just be the stepping stone in someone else’s destiny.”

A person on Mission recognizes that if the Spirit is active in his or her life and wishes to connect to the Spirit in others, then he or she recognizes that he or she must become a relational “connector.” The Spirit doesn’t accomplish the Mission strictly through our dialog or our actions.

He also manifests the Mission through relationships.

A good friend of mine recently wrote a book entitled Relationship Momentum: The Secret to Making Ideas Move. In the book, he asserts that any idea, product, government, etc., does not come together through finances, marketing, or a hefty amount of preplanning. They come together through relationships. His book is a brilliant step-by-step guide on the art and science behind building ideas, etc., through effective relationships. Based on the Mission, we could retitle his book in the following manner:

Relationship Momentum: The Spirit’s Secret to furthering the Kingdom.

A person on Mission does whatever he or she can to help further the relational development of others. If they meet a struggling musician, for example, a person on Mission scours his or her smart phone contact list for the right connection in the music industry to further that person’s God-ordained calling. A person on Mission finds a person in their church body with a particular skill and sets them up with others in need of that service. A person on Mission listens to the dreams of others and then finds relationships that can make those dreams happen.

A person on Mission is integral in the Providential passages of Proverbs 16, specifically Proverbs 16:9, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord establishes his steps.” (NIV)  He or she recognizes that the Spirit of God is constantly building the Kingdom through relationships.

Sadly, many people, filled with pride and self-intention, miss their divine opportunity to be used by the Spirit in this manner. For the sake of their own agendas, they lengthen the completion of the Kingdom Mission. There have been moments in my life where I have discerned that people I am in relationship with could be integral in furthering God’s plan for my life. Yet, I watch silently as they miss the opportunity to make it happen, content to satisfy their own agendas rather than use their influence to help further God’s work in my life.

God has redirected my steps in most of those cases, but those individuals missed their opportunity to be part of it. I have gone around mountains more times than necessary because the people God was going to use to get me beyond those peaks chose to serve themselves over furthering the Mission.

Let me give you a metaphor that I hope will energize you to get on Mission in this relational area.

The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord,
Like the rivers of water;
He turns it wherever He wishes.
Proverbs 21:1 NKJV

What is a river? Naturally, we think a river is a body of water, but that’s not completely true. A river is a hollowed out channel of earth that water flows through. What purifies river water? The water is purified through minerals that are released from the broken rocks and stones in the riverbed. In the same manner, our lives are “purified” through brokenness and the humble submission we give to God as we allow His Spirit to fill our “soul canisters.” Jesus stated that:

And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”
Matthew 21:44 KJV (emphasis mine)

As we embrace our brokenness for the sake of Christ and the Spirit’s Mission, the river of God’s Spirit flows through us, directing our courses. But rivers don’t remain autonomous. They connect to other tributaries. In other words, as we are broken before God in humble submission and we live according to the Mission, He brings other rivers, or similar people, into our lives. What happens in nature when one tributary connects with another?

Power, force, torrent.

As God connects us together with other like-minded, Spirit-motivated individuals, we collectively become even more powerful. We create stronger bonds in the Spiritual realm. The choice is ours. We can choose to remain in our own stream, eventually filled with brackish water and disconnected from the desires that God has for us to further His will in the lives of others; or we can partner with the God of the Universe, striving for greater connection points and connecting others to other streams, and watch as power, force, and vitality come to all that have been connected.

I will leave you with a final verse. Please let the words set in as you glean your own significance.

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,”
Psalm 46:4 NASB (emphasis mine)

That is a scripture on Mission.

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