Mission Excerpt: Are You a “Spirit Listener?”

Mission Book LinkIf our focus is the Mission, and our role is the fusion of the will of the Believer with the will of the Spirit, then a considerable portion of our “walk” requires us to become Spirit “listeners.” If the Holy Spirit accomplishes the Mission through us, then we must be able to discern the Kingdom words and thoughts necessary to see the Mission propagate. We need to “tune” ourselves toward the voice of the Spirit.

One of the key ways for this to happen to us is to distance ourselves from the current noise. In the scriptures, the enemy of mankind is referred to as a “roaring lion.” We also see through the life of Elijah that the Spirit of God speaks to us in a still small voice. Let’s look at this logically for a moment. How do you hear a still small voice over a roaring lion? If neither nature changes, it would seem nearly impossible that one could ascertain the quieter over the louder utterances. In fact, it’s true. If both voices were standing next to you, it would be impossible to hear the softer voice.

The issue isn’t vocal resonance; it’s proximity.

If you are fifty feet away from the roaring lion, the power of his voice is deadened by distance, so the loudest voice in proximity is the quieter voice. Neither voice changed its nature. It was your decision to distance yourself from the louder noise.

For me, disconnection came out of a two-year media fast. At the end of 2003, I felt “impelled” to turn off television, radio and movies for what turned out to be two years. Before that moment, I was a pop-culture glutton. I reveled on the noise. I used to suck in about five hours of nightly television before my head hit the pillow. Family time with my daughter consisted of her sitting next to me while I devoured the latest role-playing game on my PlayStation 2. If I wasn’t in front of the television, I was online scouring the Internet for the latest viral video. I was busy about being busy. For 10 years I had not read more than the occasional entertainment magazine clipping or a video game review online. I hadn’t journaled or even considered the concept. I did everything I could to fill quiet moments with media noise, and I could finish Trivial Pursuit’s Entertainment Edition in record time.

Then in November of that year, I specifically felt called to start a “media fast.” That left a huge void in my schedule, so I replaced the time I had spent as a media glutton and gorged myself on literature, philosophy and Biblical teaching. I read about 70 books in those two years in addition to spending about two or three hours in daily scripture reading and meditation. I specifically spent a great deal of time in the book of Proverbs, the ultimate “word picture” book.

Very quickly, I began to hear a different voice, one that filled page upon page of journals and led me to become a writer. Since that time, I have spoken at numerous churches, conferences and seminars. I have worked with leaders in ministry and business, helping them to see the “big picture” when it comes to faith, culture, and strategic success.

Honestly, very little of that success and opportunity has come from me. It has come from listening to the Spirit of God, and allowing Him to shape my actions and my character. If we recognize it, any great author can become our mentor. We merely need to read their work and apply their principles until their words become an integral part of our lives. As we learn to listen to the Spirit and act accordingly, He not only becomes our Mentor, but we also begin to intuitively behave according to His past guidance and instruction.

Your path may be radically different than mine, but asking God to speak through His Spirit, and removing the flesh in your canister for the sake of the Mission and for the sake of Christ remains the same. Take time to reflect with God on the specific process in your life for garnering entrance into fulfilling the Mission.

Live Inspired.

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