relationship momentum

On Mission: Relationship Momentum

A Person on Mission furthers Relationship Momentum for the sake of the Kingdom: A number of years ago, I put up the following facebook post: “Today you may just be the stepping stone in someone else’s destiny.” A person on Mission recognizes that if the Spirit is active in his or her life and wishes…

“Leaders are Readers, but Writers are Revolutionaries.” David Litwin Image Credit: Credited to

Vintage Tacklebox

What’s In Your Spiritual Tacklebox?

A number of years ago, a friend I was discipling posed a question to me after a church service. I love this guy. Most of his questions were about how to get out of doing the various spiritual practices that intentionally result in a believer’s growth. This was a similar question. “If the Holy Spirit…

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On Mission: Listen More, Talk Less

A person on Mission listens more than he or she talks: Years ago, I was in a high-level business course in California. At a particular point in the course, we were studying a book entitled The Tree of Knowledge, by Humberto R. Maturana and Francisco Varela. This book was hyper-complex, dealing with concepts such as…